Salon "U zdravom telu zdrav duh?" 2016

The Second TEDxBelgrade Salon "In a healthy body, a healthy mind?"

The second TEDxBelgrade Salon was held on April 23 rd at the Belgrade Youth Center. On that occasion, we heard an interesting speech from anthropologist and researcher Ivana Djordjevic, on the relationship between sport and nationalism. Ivan gave potential answers to questions like: Why people cheer for their favorite athletes with such passion? What we get when they win? Also, we presented two inspirational TED speeches on the topic of sports, technology and their relationship in the world today.


Aleksandar Blagojević

Being in shape is the best form of life insurance. People enjoy the freedom of free movement, free speech and free knowledge. On the other hand, modern "progress" actively locks away knowledge and censor free speech. Today, there is a struggle for freedom of movement in the world of mainstream freedom fighters. The effort to defend and ensure the rights to enjoyment of freedom is not the same as mere enjoyment of freedom.


Ivan Đorđević

Sport in everyday life is usually seen as an innocent pastime, a field in which to cultivate the best human qualities, and where, as it is popularly said, a healthy body strengthens the spirit. Is this image of modern sport, personified in heroes such as Novak Djokovic, really real? Or was George Orwell right when he once defined the most popular of all sports, football, as "war minus the shooting"? Is it possible to imagine a sport devoid of violence and nationalistic passions?