What happens when you answer a spam email?

James Veitch, a British writer and comedian, at TEDGlobal conference held in Geneva in 2015, talked about his experience of corresponding with an email spammer. This is one of those TED speeches that you have to watch, a speech that will make you laugh. When a spammer named Solomon Odonko emailed James Veitch without thinking started to move to it to the trash. Don’t we all do the same? Well no, James changed his mind this time, wishing to find out who is behind the name of Solomon, and who is sending con artist emails to people around the world. Have you ever wondered who your email spammers are? Are these people alive? Whether they are working from an office or are they "robotic"? James casually replied to his email spammer. This was followed by weeks of correspondence, related to gold that James should get, resell and subsequent earnings. As the correspondence went on, the base weight of gold has increased, as well as the percentage of potential earnings. James was slowly discovering mechanisms of email scams. The spammer has presented himself as a man who also lives on the percentage of earnings from gold, trying to emotionally identify with the potential victim. At one point, James suggested they use passwords, because supposedly he feared for their safety. He has created the hilariously funny secret words, thus e-mails were created worth recounting, worth a speech at TEDGlobal .

After a priceless experience with buying and selling of gold by e-mail, James Veitch realized that he had done something good for humanity, because while Solomon wasted time, corresponding with him, at least he has not fooled a few gullible people. Communicating with people whose e-mails end up in the spam folder, has become a regular practice. At one point, the time has come for correspondence with a spammer presenting himself as "wife of Nelson Mandela." It was really fun this time.

James Veitch has been in correspondence with a number of e-mail spammers for 3 years now and enjoys it. Watch this TED talk and you'll want to change your current hobby!


Author: Vera Majstorović