TEDxBelgrade Volunteers

TEDxBelgrade Volunteers

The number of applicants for the volunteer positions: 106

Volunteers chosen:

1. Nedeljković Katarina

2. Stanković Ivana

3. Russo Anđela

4. Tešić Andrijana

5. Jakob Aida

6. Zrnić Stefan

7. Gruborović Marko

8. Kokić Milan

The task was not easy, because the number of applicants exceeded our expectations. Also, a large number of applications have satisfied most of the criteria we were looking for. Given that we do not need more than 8 volunteers, based on different criteria (each segment of the application was considered, although past experience was not crucial), we chose 8 entirely different candidates. We estimated that for certain candidates, the theme of this year's conference is directly related to their current or future profession and / or engagement, and allows them contact with the speakers, which could be of great importance for their respective careers, while others were selected based on a combination of the remaining criteria. All the rest of the candidates remain in our database for upcoming events (first in the series is TEDxBelgradeWomen, which will be held in October of this year) and will be contacted for this occasion. If there are those who do not want to be in the database, they are free to contact us and report to vera@tedxbelgrade.com and will be deleted from the same.

Thank you for your understanding,

Majstorovic Vera, Volunteers coordinator