TEDxBelgrade 2016 - people, stories and ideas as a mirror of struggle, perseverance and strength

TEDxBelgrade 2016 - people, stories and ideas as a mirror of struggle, perseverance and strength

Over the weekend in the Ilija M. Foundation, the TEDxBelgrade Conference was held for the fourth time under the slogan "Breaking the waves". As in previous years, the conference brought together young people from different fields of science, art and activism who shared their personal stories. The speakers were as follows: Olga Djurovic, Boban Stojanović, Lidija Vasiljevic, Vuk Ršumović, Nikola Radojlović, Milica Knezevic, Nikoleta kosovac and Ivan Djordjevic.



Lawyer Olga Djurovic's speech "The struggle for the people", opened this year's TEDxBelgrade conference. During her speech, she pointed to the continuous violation of rights of refugees and migrants, stating that we are not aware of how the legal systems of the countries signatory to international treaties and charters rather than to protect these people, sometimes further hurt them. As she pointed out, her struggle is still ongoing and will continue.


Boban Stojanović with his personal story "Love is the most courageous choice" and decades of experience in the field of activism presented to us, evoked what it means to be an activist in Serbia and how much it takes to constantly change and develop themselves in order to move forward the middle of change.
"Love is the ability to understand the complexity of being beside us, to understand each other the right way. During our lives, we have a lot of battles, but the hardest ones are with ourselves" said Stojanovic.




Milica Knezevic practiced volleyball until 2009 and dreamed of becoming a professional athlete, but that plan was cut short by traffic accident, which left her immobile. Through her presentation about her fight, endurance and strength, Milica pointed out that sometimes a 1% chance, predicted that she will ever be able to run, can be great. Only when people find themselves in a situation similar to hers, realize how equal rights exist only on paper and how people with disabilities are discriminated against in society, and how they are almost invisible. Stereotypes, compassion and sharing that society and people as its members generate are things that should be broken, and things we should fight against.



In the speech "Seven years of loyalty" Vuk Ršumović presented the story about the creation of the film "No One's Child".  According to him, when you believe in your idea,it doesn't matter how many years you put into the project because a story that is worth it will always find its way to the audience. A film is made three times. The first time when you write the script, the second time when you shoot and a third time when you edit it.. Before the film"No One's Child" Vuk never directed, and this film has, through a number of challenges, opened up new perspectives on the creative process and pointed out new dimensions that only persistence in achieving a goal can provide.



Nikola Radojlović, stand up comedian, with his satirical and humorous presentation, presented his fight "against the waves" that lasts to this day and how good life can be when you find a way to turn your disadvantages into advantages.



The editor of the magazine "Liceulice" Nikoleta Kosovac, presented the idea of ​​the formation of the magazine and its main goal, to provide an opportunity for marginalized groups of people to work as sellers of the magazine and prove that they are not invisible to society, but to facilitate its work existence itself and contribute to the community in which they live. In addition to the sales being made by marginalized members of the group, this newspaper is specific in that all of its sellers receive 50% of the total price of sold copies. In this way, there is a tendency to become self-sufficient and to give them an opportunity to get off the streets



Instead of the originally announced participant, Dejan Nikolic, who, due to health problems canceled his participation, the audience had the pleasure of hearing Ivan Đorđević’s story of collective identities and how we are conditioned and determined by them.



The conference was closed psychologist Lidija Vasiljevic’s story about existing mental health policies, strategies and tactics that we could apply in the prevention and eradication of stigmatization of mentally ill people. During her speech, she pointed out the results that psychodrama gives in this regard as a form of psychotherapy.

Visitors of the conference could meet and socialize during breaks, and the organizing team has put a lot of creative activation in cooperation with the Friends of the conference and an informal group of "Cilo i vedro" In the future, the organizers announced that the community which gathers around the TEDx ideas, until the next TEDxBelgrade Conference have the opportunity to hang out and enjoy the so-called Salons, TEDx event of a smaller format than the annual conference.