Nikoleta Kosovac

Nikoleta Kosovac was born in 1983, graduated from the Faculty of Philology, Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature. After years of working in numerous national and international magazines and radio stations, Belgrade advertising agencies Publicis and Saatchi & Saatchi, she wanted to do something she believes in, and found it in the social enterprise Liceulice – the first street magazine in Serbia. For six years as coordinator of the social enterprise comes face to face with many challenges inherent in independent media activism and work on theeconomic and social empowerment of the most vulnerable countrymen and women. She is one of the initiators of the initiative “My neighbor without a roof”, an associate of the Centre for emancipation policy, the Centre for the development of social policy - Klikaktiv and consultant for PR, communications and strategic planning of numerous civil society organizations in Serbia and the region.

Who is the face of your street?

Milan Skokić gets up every morning early and goes shopping prior to committing to what he loves most: his job. Almost from the beginning, it has already been five years, Milanče, as he is affectionately called, sells Liceulice in the center of Belgrade and is among the most successful sellers of street magazine Liceulice coming from the Association for persons with disabilities "We live together." Liceulice is the first and only street newspapers in Serbia. Our customers / dealers belong to socially vulnerable groups who find it very difficult to get work. By working with us, they have a chance to learn new skills and earn half the price of each sold copy. After all, you see us us in our blue uniforms on a daily basis on the streets of Belgrade and other cities in our country. Liceulice builds a Belgrade in which we love to live, shapes values of the environment in which we want to work - creating people who will know how to talk to each other, but also people willing to do something for each other. Liceulice is not not just a newspaper, it is a whole whole world of ideas that we believe in: those who make it, those who sell them, and certainly those of us buy and read.