Julijana Vučo

Julijana Vuco

Dr Julijana Vučo is a Full Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology, Department of Italian Language and Literature and is a visiting professor at the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Philosophy. She has taught at many universities and participated at the most prominent conferences in the country, the region, Italy and in the world. A leader and participant in scientific projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy, a member of the expert group for the development of national curricula for foreign languages, teacher training, evaluation of textbooks, the author of the program for the Italian language and author of the project of developing bilingual teaching of foreign languages ​​in Serbia. She is a member of the National Education Council of Serbia and the Board of Education of SASA and numerous international linguistic societies.

Her scholarly interests include issues of applied linguistics, language policy and planning, education language policy, theories of L2, the education of foreign language teachers, language teaching theory, Italian language and contrastive studies of Serbian and Italian, Serbian as a foreign language and L2, etc. She is the author of numerous books, studies and textbooks. She is the author of numerous translations from the Italian language. She has completed training in Italy and the United States on several occasions. Decorated with the Order of Cavaliere della Stella della Solidarietà Republic of Italy for her contribution of dissemination of Italian language in Serbia and the region.

Language Landscapes

Any written evidence that we find, especially in the urban area, is there for a reason in our environment. "Linguistic landscapes" which we are surrounded by, consist of characters, writings, company names, streets, products, graffiti, written traces in the eye of the visible environment in contemporary, interdisciplinary scientific field that involves the interpretation of linguistic phenomena in the public space, in the sociolinguistic way of seeing and thinking. These testimonies are related to the immediate world around us, the environment that is marked by our presence, our hand, and the consequences are numerous: social, historical, economic, political influence etc. 

We will follow written records of the clash of Italian culture with the Serbian host culture during a short stroll in downtown Belgrade. The manner in which one can interpret what you see what is written in the space that surrounds us, will speak of the examples of the global phenomenon - "pizza" (it. Pizza). Besides the cultural and historical development of intercultural encounters, we will cross- examine  inter-language contacts, similarities, differences and particularities documented and illustrated in field research.