Ivan Đorđević

Ivan Đorđević PhD. is a Fellow of the Ethnographic Institute of the SASA. He graduated and received his doctorate at the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, University of Belgrade. He has published three monographs and numerous scientific papers, expert reviews and papers in a variety of scientific journals and thematic collections. He is a regular contributor and lecturer at Petnica Center, and he lectured at a number of universities both in the country and abroad. His main research interest is focused on the issues of sports anthropology, political anthropology and anthropology of literature. As a result of the focus on the field of anthropology of sports, he published a monograph "An anthropologist among fans" (Biblioteka XX vek, Belgrade 2015).

Sport and ideology of nationalism

Sport in everyday life is usually seen as an innocent pastime, a field in which to cultivate the best human qualities, and where, as it is popularly said, a healthy body strengthens the spirit. Is this image of modern sport, personified in heroes such as Novak Djokovic, really real? Or was George Orwell right when he once defined the most popular of all sports, football, as "war minus the shooting"? Is it possible to imagine a sport devoid of violence and nationalistic passions? The author will show the unbreakable link between sport and nationalist ideology, but will also seek to emphasize the importance of a full understanding of these connections not only academically but also in everyday understanding of modern sport