The First TEDxBelgrade Salon - "Words at Work"

The First TEDxBelgrade Salon - "Words at Work"
Dom Omladine
February 27th 2016

The First TEDxBelgrade Salon will be held on February 27th  in Dom Omladine, starting at 12am. We will have the opportunity to hear four speakers from the field of sociolinguistics: Julijana Vučo, Jelena Filipović, Gordana Vladisavljević and Ana Jovanović. 

We will hear about the relationship between language and gender on the example of a popular cartoon, paperback romance novels and their escapist function, foreign language teaching and learning within the formal education system and language in the public sphere in the case of the lexeme - pizza!  Seating space is limited to 50. To attend the salon you must fill out an application form, and we will inform you of the results in due time.  

See you! :)