Dejan Nikolić

Dejan Nikolic is a co-founder of Content Insights, an editorial analytics package created by editors for editors. He has over 20 years of editorial experience in print and online, with a web analytics background. Founder and Editor in Chief of, the most popular comedy website in the Adriatic region.

He is completely inexperienced in most segments of the ICT industry, even though he worked in both software and hardware companies. From the Motorola 68000 onwards does not know to program a single line of code, but has led large teams on software projects. Quite illiterate but oddly enough was the editor for three serious monthlies. Does not know any sales system but has sold a lot in his career, most of all himself. Social networks have helped him to discover how much of a bluffer he is.

The day when the media was eaten by a shark

A story about a fictional tourist who, by killing a man-eating shark in Egypt, revealed how the online media credibility chain collapses in a click driven economy.