Boban Stojanović

Boban Stojanović is a human rights activist and motivational author. The founder of the organization Queeria center and Belgrade Pride Parade. One of the key LGBT activists in Serbia and the region. In 2015, he was named one of the top five gay activists in the world within the prestigious awards David Kato - Vision and voice. He has been an activist for almost twenty years: from the centers for refugees, through work with victims of domestic violence to the organization of the Pride Parade in Belgrade. Over the last few years he brings elements of spirituality in his political engagement, which represents a new challenge to a dogmatic approach to activism in Serbia.

Love is the bravest choice

Activist commitment to human rights is seen as an ongoing series of criticisms addressed to the dominant systems, which are thought to oppress the people on various grounds. The resistance that is shown to such a system remains in the bully-victim matrix, which does not change the dominant framework. Is it possible to think differently of change in the world? How do we need to think in order to neutralize the system that oppresses us? What is the biggest challenge that every victim has to face in order to provide permanent resistance to the oppressor, and why human rights activists first have to change themselves before they can start to change the world?