Aleksandar Blagojević

Aleksandar Blagojevic is a coach with a degree in Physical Education. In the past ten years he has worked with over 3,000 clients by organizing their diet and exercise, while monitoring individual progress by analyzing body structure. Solves obesity, recovery after orthopedic and surgical interventions, coaches both recreational and fitness athletes. His skills are based on "Eastern bloc" doctrines enriched with the knowledge of modern research. He is most proud of  his work with people who have a lack of affinity for movement and exercise. He likes to write and socialize with people who despise exercise.

Being in shape is the best form of life insurance

Being in shape is the best form of life insurance. People enjoy the freedom of free movement, free speech and free knowledge. On the other hand, modern "progress" actively locks away knowledge and censor free speech. Today, there is a struggle for freedom of movement in the world of mainstream freedom fighters. The effort to defend and ensure the rights to enjoyment of freedom is not the same as mere enjoyment of freedom. The first process is actively working to improve the blood circulation of the whole being of freedom, while taking liberty for granted puts one’s guard down and ironically, passively erodes the potential of life.  The lecture emphasizes fitness as a symbol of an active struggle for freedom and dissects all aspects of importance of physical education.